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Best Interior Architecture & Design Solution

A combination of global design concept and smart space planning we create a brilliant design in minimum cost, but also at high density. All the architectural requirements are met. 

We are team of passionate, creative interior Architects with a passion for design and a love of building great spaces. We believe that a good design needs to look good in order to be attractive. We make our clients feel special by thinking it through and then providing everything from building design to interior design to finishing design.

We also use a range of resources from around the world to make every design our own. We know that a custom-designed space is a very unique experience indeed.

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Our Working Process

  • 01
    Creating a Concept
  • 02
    Budget Planning
  • 03
    Design Process
  • 04
    Building Your Dream
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What People Say

"Best interior design concept..."
Arpita Biswas
Marketing Executive
"It was a Wonderful experience..keep your good work up..All my good wishes to the whole team ."
Avijit Bhattacharya
"I like BLUE ARCHIO. The exceptional design. "
Sumanta Ghosh
Client of Company
"Love it.."
Soumita Ghosh
Client of Company
"You have a unique imagination and have come up with some of the most creative ideas we've ever seen."
Ranadhir Samanta
Client of Company
"Excellent Work done."
Samir Koner
Client of Company
"Unique design concept.Professional Architecture Design in best Price in Town."
Rupam Debnath
Client of Company
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Meet Our Skilled Team

Mr. Sayantan Dana

Mr. Sayantan Dana

Founder, Director, Design Coordinator And Business Developer.
Mr. Rajdeep Ghosh

Mr. Rajdeep Ghosh

Director, Project Coordinator And Chief Administrator.
Ms. Ajanta Khan

Ms. Ajanta Khan

Architectural Design Manager.
Mr. Bulu Behara

Mr. Bulu Behara

Business Development and Technical Assistant.
[ company strategy ]

Our Philosophy

Our mission is to create reward experience and value that combine functionality with high quality and innovation for our customers. We want every partner and client experience to be the talk of a life time. Also, to define the most sophisticated and superior standard of quality in every exterior and interior designs.

Our Missions

Our Vision to shape spaces with “innovative, sustainable, cost effective and comfortable designs” and want to be a globally recognized professional interior architecture & design company, providing solutions in the field of high-end certified corporate, commercial, industrial & residential interiors.

Our Vision

We offer a one-stop solution for all interior architecture,design & construction needs. We work with you right from the blueprint phase. Our team specializes in bringing together all aspects of the project, from raw materials and labour, to quality control and timely delivery of the project.

Our Values