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” We are so grateful we found BLUE ARCHIO, to share our brilliant creation with you. “

Mr. Sayantan Dana

founder of Blue Archio®

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From Sketch to Life

We create brilliant, cost-effective designs with high density by combining global concepts and smart planning.


What Can We Offer

Interior Architecture & Design

An interior architect focuses on building interiors and space planning, while an interior decorator handles furnishing and decoration. Interior design, however, goes beyond aesthetics. It enhances the interior of a building for a healthier and more pleasing environment. Interior designers plan, research, coordinate, and manage such projects. Designing your home is like creating an intimate space that reflects your personality—a work of art requiring creativity, planning, and inspiration.

Exterior Design

The exterior of your building creates the crucial first impression. Exterior design considers size, shape, integration into the neighborhood, streetscape, and site impact. It involves designing the facade, roof, and foundation elements. Exterior wall materials encompass bricks, blocks, cladding, panels, coatings, facades, precast concrete, rendering, and retaining walls. Exterior architectural design encompasses the visible portion of the building from public ways, including style, arrangement, materials, windows, doors, and lighting.

Landscape & garden Design

The landscape concept design is a foundational plan that showcases the functional aspects and flow of the landscape. It illustrates how clients can utilize the newly designed spaces and enjoy the remarkable features. Landscape design improves a building's visual appeal by strategically organizing and beautifying the outdoor areas surrounding it. The landscape designer creatively shapes and transforms the natural layout of the site to create both practical and aesthetically pleasing environments.

Construction Project management

Construction project management involves overseeing and coordinating construction projects. Unlike other types of projects, construction is mission-based, with the project's organization concluding upon completion. While project management generally involves resource management throughout the project life cycle, construction management entails a broader perspective. It encompasses specific constraints related to design and construction, interacting with disciplines like architecture, engineering, public works, and city planning throughout the project's duration.

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We oversee and control all project details, consulting with builders at every stage.

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